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• Transform your career with our expert coaching services. Whether you're looking to advance to the next technical or management level, future-proof your career, or navigate a major transition, our comprehensive and personalized approach will empower you to overcome challenges, leverage your strengths, and achieve your professional goals.

• Through guided self-discovery, strategic planning, and tailored skill development, we'll help you gain the clarity, confidence, and competitive edge to take your career to new heights.

• Career & Leadership Coaching typically focuses on achieving your medium-term goals [2-6 months] while also working on short-term wins and ensuring alignment with your longer-term career goals and objectives.

Our career consultation services provide you with actionable insights and strategic advice for immediate career improvements.

• Whether you are navigating job searches, aiming for a promotion, or planning a career change, our consultants offer expert guidance to help you make informed time-sensitive decisions and achieve your career objectives quickly and effectively.

Career Consultation is typically one 90-minute session or two sessions totaling 90 minutes.

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CLIENT testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our past clients have said about our services:

“I've had the pleasure of working with Kirthi as my career coach and his guidance has been invaluable. Kirthi's adept at asking introspective questions, teasing out my strengths and aspirations. He has shared some great insights into standing out from peers by emphasizing the importance of a broader industry perspective. Thanks to Kirthi, I've gained a fresh perspective on my career growth and have a clear picture on my next steps. I highly recommend him to any engineer or management professional seeking expert career coaching.” - Areeb H. | Project Manager

“I wholeheartedly recommend Kirthi as a Coach, Mentor & Recruitment professional. His professionalism, dedication and stellar communication skills set him apart in his field. Kirthi is hands-on, reliable, and incredibly efficient in his approach. If you are seeking a rewarding career move, Kirthi is your go-to expert.” - Francis N. | Chief Product Officer

“Kirthi’s guidance, mentorship, and insights have been invaluable, and I am incredibly grateful for the time and effort he has invested in helping me navigate this ever-evolving software field. His encouragement to explore new technologies and stay ahead of the industry trends has been instrumental in shaping my career trajectory. By sharing his expertise and insights on emerging technologies, he not only broadened my knowledge but also instilled in me a sense of curiosity and excitement for learning. Moreover, his foresight in identifying which sections of the industry will endure over the next decade and has been invaluable in helping me chart a course for long-term success. His advice on future-proofing my career and positioning myself for growth has provided me with a solid foundation upon which to build my aspirations and ambitions.” - Philip H. | Software Developer

“Throughout the process, Kirthi was a coach, mentor, and reliable source of advice. He provided valuable insights into growth opportunities, based on my interests. His warm and encouraging demeanor helped alleviate any apprehensions I had, allowing me to perform at my best during interviews and assessments. I strongly recommend Kirthi as a professional Career Coach, without hesitation!” - Diego D. | Director, Software QA

Kirthi Roberts, P.Eng., PhD.

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